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Commercial HVAC Solutions

For your commercial HVAC needs, call the professional team at Emergency Air Heating and Cooling, a well-known and trusted company in the industry. We service commercial and residential customers with the goal of giving quality and affordable services to our valued customers.

Why Trust Emergency Air for Commercial Services

Summers in Phoenix and the surrounding valley can be scorching hot. This is why Phoenix businesses need someone trustworthy they can rely on for HVAC repairs, installation, and maintenance.

Why choose us? There are many reasons:

What makes Emergency Air stand out? We’ve already mentioned some of our strong points above. Let’s recap here and tell you a little more.

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Excellent Customer Service

We put a premium on an excellent commitment to customer service. We listen to the needs of our customers and give them prompt services.

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Everybody has Unique Needs

We understand unique needs and strive to customize services. If you need same-day services, we will do it for you. If you can’t be available in the daytime and need that a service to be done in the evening, no worries. We will gladly accommodate your time availability and extend a few more hours to finish your project. Our services are also available on weekends and holidays.

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Educated & Trained Staff

We continually educate our staff. They undergo regular training and tests to update them on the latest practices in the industry. Our specialists are completely licensed, bonded and insured.

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Professional Staff

Our staff is considerate and professional. They are instructed to treat customers with courtesy and keep them well-informed through the entire project. Ask them for tips on how to keep your system well-maintained.

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Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our products and services.

Hire Professional Commercial HVAC Experts like Emergency Air

It is important to be particular when getting HVAC services. We advise that you choose four or five contractors and make an apples to apples comparison of them. Here’s your basis for comparison:

  • Way of estimating the cost

    Emergency Air offers free estimates and we will give you a quote only after seeing the actual condition of your AC or heating equipment. If a company gives you an estimate without even asking you to see the actual condition of your equipment, they might be giving you an inaccurate quote.

  • Do they give several options?

    When replacing your old system, make sure that the company can give you several options and not just one. Companies who insist on one option only might be just trying to unload some of their old inventory.

  • Are they licensed?

    Ask the operator for his license number. Only if they are licensed can they claim to be experts in what they do.

  • Good in customer service

    If you read reviews on the contractors you are considering, look for points of complaints. Those are the weaknesses of those companies. Then decide if you are willing to sacrifice customer service. Everybody has low points. Emergency Air recognizes that we cannot be perfect, so we admit to our mistakes and make consequent improvements.

  • Competitive pricing

    It is advisable not to always go for the lowest bidder. If you do, ask yourself: Is the HVAC system going to last long? Will I get savings in the long run? It is better to have a reliable system that can ensure you will have many long years of good air conditioning. Good systems can last up to 20 years when a regular maintenance program is followed.

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Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Commercial Maintenance Programs

You can have your own program for maintaining your system, but usually, you will need more than the regular maintenance that your people can do.

Expert regular maintenance means that problems that are brewing can easily be detected and corrected. It also means that the system can be prevented from breakdowns that can cost a lot for repairs.

For maintenance and AC care tips, here are a few:

  • Filters

    Routinely clean the air filters. In most cases, a once-a-month replacement is applicable. Consider the presence of pets, the dust level of the air and the frequency of usage of your AC units. How many times you must replace your filters depend on these factors and other factors as well. Discuss with our technicians the complete list of factors to consider.

  • Do they give several options

    When replacing your old system, make sure that the company can give you several options and not just one. Be wary of companies who offer you only one option.

  • Condenser coils

    Aside from the filters, regularly check the condenser coils and evaporators. These things gather dirt over time, resulting in reduced airflow and a decreased ability of the coils to absorb heat.

  • Debris-free unit

    It is best to trim surrounding shrubs and other plants near the AC unit. Otherwise, you will run to problems involving dry leaves and grass clippings. These will impede the airflow and decrease your system’s capacity.

  • Aluminum fins

    Your system’s aluminum fins can be easily bent, so checking them should be done on a regular basis. These fins can be unbent, but instead of doing that on your own, get our maintenance services to be assured of a quality repair. These are some of the parts that we check during our regular visits with our customers.

Please be sure to check our product catalog. We offer new Carrier models that we are confident rank as some of the best in the market. Just give us a call and we will gladly provide you with a rate quote and answer any of your questions. You might also avail yourself of special promos that are offered from time to time.