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When it comes to repairs, maintenance or replacements in HVAC systems, Phoenix residents and businesses need a trusted air conditioning company. Try the services of Emergency Air Heating and Cooling.

Hundreds of 5* Google reviews explain why our customers not only stay with us, but enthusiastically recommend us to their friends and families.

The Valley’s Premier Air Conditioning Company

Emergency Air strives to be the most trusted HVAC company in Arizona. From our founding, we have had a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Meeting or surpassing customer expectations is our core value.

We offer the following:

Why We Are Different

What makes Emergency Air stand out? We’ve already mentioned some of our strong points above. Let’s recap here and tell you a little more.

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Building Relationships

We admit mistakes and mend issues to build strong relationships.

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Expert Team

We carefully choose experts to join our team.

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Go the Extra Mile

Our men and women go the extra mile giving maintenance tips and taking time to educate customers on the project at hand.

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We practice the values of honesty, integrity and fair dealing that we would expect for ourselves. You have the right to expect no less.

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We respond to emergencies in a timely manner.

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100% Customer Satisfaction

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction by addressing customers’ pain points immediately.

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Affordable Services

We don’t guarantee to be the cheapest deal in town. Rather, we offer competitive prices for high quality products and services.

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HVAC Repair and Maintenance

Our business works with HVAC repair and maintenance equipment manufacturers to ensure that our technicians are equipped with the latest tools and devices to do the job.

Depend On Our Team

Our technicians are highly capable. Utilizing up-to-date technical training, top-of-the-line equipment, and their years of experience, our service technicians are amazingly effective at identifying and solving comfort system issues.

Our team understands that providing excellent customer service means paying attention to small details. From assistance with programming a new thermostat, patiently explaining the features of a new system, or providing tips on proper maintenance, our technicians take the time to ensure our customers are informed.

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Years of Diagnostic Experience

Our technicians have years of experience working with different types of HVAC systems. Whatever the issue is with your system, we’ve probably seen it before.

When do you need to call us? When you encounter any of these signs:

  • Strange odor

    If the smell is musty, it can be a mold buildup or some kind of corrosion. We will also check your AC’s wire insulation to see if it has burned.

  • Leakage

    Either the drain tube is broken or blocked or the refrigerant is leaking.

  • Strange sound

    It can be that the belt inside has slipped out of place, the motor’s bearings have been broken, or some components inside may be in need of lubrication.

  • Thermostat problems

    Uneven temperatures in different parts of your home or office may indicate a thermostat issue.

New Air Conditioner Units

New Air Conditioner Units

If you intend to replace your old unit, we are happy to assist you. First, we will check to see if it is still repairable and how much will it cost to have it repaired. If repair costs will be too high, then we will advise for a replacement and guide you on how to buy a new one.

  • What size and type of AC is right for your home?
  • What energy efficiency rating should I choose? What factors go into making a good, informed decision?
  • Why is the selection of the company that will install your new system the single most important consideration in unit replacement?

Ductless Air Conditioning

No doubt ductless air conditioning systems are growing in popularity. If one of these systems is what you’re looking for, we’d be happy to discuss your options with you.

ductless air conditioning systems