Nobody wants to be left without AC in Arizona — so, to avoid any breakdowns turn to Emergency Air Heating and Cooling for ultimate AC care. We are excited to introduce our unbeatable $39 AC Deep Cleaning Special, valued at $165. Get ready to experience unparalleled comfort and savings with our comprehensive service that goes above and beyond.

    The Importance of Preventative Care

    Preventative maintenance is easy to forget about — but it’s vital when protecting the longevity and efficiency of your AC system. Dirt, dust, and debris are the leading causes of AC failure, which makes our ultimate AC care vital in protecting your system. Unlike other company’s that only offer tune-ups and inspections during maintenance, we do deep clean ups on the outside unit, the heart of the system. Our deep clean ups tackle deeply rooted dirt and debris that cause havoc on your system.

    What’s Included in the $39 AC Deep Cleaning?

    Our exclusive package includes a 20-point system preventative maintenance health check, as well as an outdoor AC deep clean. Revitalize your AC system with our outdoor deep clean, meticulously designed to restore its peak performance. This includes a deep cleaning of coils with a special activating foam that cuts into the grime and dirt.

    Our 20-point preventative maintenance health check includes:
    • Thermostat Inspection
    • Temperature Split
    • Coolant Check
    • Return Air Grill
    • Filter
    • Air Duct
    • Air Distribution
    • Disconnect Box
    • Fuses
    • Electrical Parts
    • Run Capacitor
    • Compressor
    • Safety Controls
    • Condenser Motor
    • Fan Blade
    • Condenser Coil
    • Blower Motor
    • Evaporative coil
    • Condensate Drain
    • Metal Ductwork

    How Long Does The Cleaning and Check Take?

    Our meticulous approach takes time, typically up to two hours. We cover your entire system, guaranteeing a comprehensive solution for both your AC and furnace. We check your furnace too, because a well-maintained furnace contributes to effective air distribution, enhancing your comfort.

    What Can I Expect?

    Prior to your service, you can gain insight into our technician’s through a bio that highlights their photo, certifications, and experience. You can trust in our integrity as our technician’s undergo rigorous background checks and drug tests. Our commitment to customer empowerment and transparency means we clearly explain the technical intricacies of the service, ensuring your are aware of how and why we’re optimizing your system’s performance. During the service, we invite you to follow along to see what is happening. From checking the thermostat to taking apart the system — we want you to be there to learn what we are doing. We also offer before and after photos and videos to document the process, providing you with more value than a mere invoice.

    Here’s what you can expect from us:
    • Expert Technician Introduction
    • Customer-Centric Communication
    • Education and Transparency
    • Customer Participation
    • Visual Documentation

    How is Our AC Care Only $39?

    At the core of our operations lie traditional principles and a commitment to legendary service. Our foundation rests on our dedication to share years of expert knowledge, provide expert care, and prioritize your well-being. While the $39 investment isn’t a profit source for us, it serves as a way to share our teams wealth of expertise and care. We want to keep our service affordable, because we want you to know who to call when you need HVAC help.

    Why Emergency Air Heating and Cooling?

    At Emergency Air Heating and Cooling, we stand apart by aligning our goals with your satisfaction. Unlike other companies, we prioritize your HVAC system’s longevity and your wallet. Our technicians are committed to finding solutions, not pushing replacements. This is because at, “Emergency Air, the difference is we care.” We genuinely care about our community and customers — we are here to provide you with honest and trustworthy HVAC solutions.

    Elevate your comfort and savings today! Book your $39 AC deep cleaning and experience HVAC care like never before.