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Commercial and Residential Air Purifiers

Commercial and Residential Air Purifiers

An air purifier can be a very helpful addition to any home. Designed to clean up the air and remove any suspended particles that may cause respiratory problems, this device can help you get good-quality air at all times. Getting the right air purifier is essential to get the best quality air possible. Also, making sure that your air purifier is properly maintained will go a long way in maintaining air quality. For all your air purifier needs in the Phoenix area, the name you should trust is Emergency Air.

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It can be quite tough if you are dealing with conditions that make it hard for you or your loved ones to breathe. One of the reasons why some people find it difficult to breathe is poor air quality. If you are living in a relatively polluted area, it can be quite tough for your lungs. Also, cigarette smoke can greatly decrease the quality of the surrounding air. Last but not least, animal scents and dander can be irritating, especially for those with poor respiratory health.

With the help of the right air purifier, you and all other occupants in your home can breathe easier. If you need to have a new unit installed or you need service for your current air purifier, Emergency Air is the name that you should trust. We will help you pick the right unit for your needs and make sure that it is always in peak shape.

How Our Air Purifiers Help Your Home and Your Air Quality

An air purifier can improve your air quality in a wide variety of ways. Each of its functions helps in improving the air that you breathe. When combined together, these functions will ensure that you breathe in air with the best possible qualities. Learn more about the Emergency Air whole house Air Purifier Difference below:

  1. This is an award-winning system

    It is a completely new kind of air purifier. This system is installed into the ductwork that your central air system uses and it’s able to clean the air as it passes through the system. It uses a combination of activated carbon along with UV-C light that reduces odor and germs and unlike other systems does not produce harmful ozone. This is very effective in eliminating organic compounds that cause odor. This can even include formaldehyde and toxic chemicals.

  2. Airborne Contaminants

    This type of contaminant is generally divided into thirds. The usual type of filtration does a pretty good job of cleaning dust and particulates but is not effective on the remaining two thirds. The Edison Defender, on the other hand, is capable of reducing biological contaminants that are found in the air system itself as well as throughout the home.

    This system has received the prestigious innovation award from AHR. In the HVAC industry this is considered to be the highest honor. There are multiple models that are specifically made for use in all types of air systems and they all have the award-winning technology available. All you need to do is have your HVAC contractor help you understand which one you need for your home.

  3. Keep The Coils Clean

    Our Systems work by using UV-C light to keep the air conditioning coils clean. When your coils are moldy it can shorten the life of your system and it wastes energy and lowers the AC’s efficiency. The UV-C light is able to kill mold which in turn decreases the need for maintenance.

Features of Our High Quality Purifiers

The features found in air purifiers may vary from one model to another. They play a factor in both the unit’s performance and its overall functionality. Choose the device that provides the features that you need. Of course, the more features an air purifier has, the more expensive it tends to become. Here are some of the features you should look out for when you’re shopping for an air purifier.

No Need To Worry

We are able to offer a lifetime warranty on all the parts, (with the exception of the UV lamp which will be replaced in one or two years) because the design is so well made. It is common for other systems to claim that they reduce odors and they do this by creating harmful ozone.

No one wants unpleasant odors especially when family or friends are visiting. Odors from the cat box or the delicious garlic sauce that was served the night before are all examples of something that you would want to have eliminated. Using perfumes and sprays only covers up the odor rather than removing it. Our System can actually remove the odors by transforming the molecules into water vapor. This means you can fry up the fish and keep the cat without any worries.

How Does The System Work?

This system is able to detox the air by using a process known as photocatalytic oxidation. It is a technology that is very similar to a catalytic converter that a car uses. UV-C light is able to react with titanium dioxide which is then able to disintegrate contaminants and converts it to harmless CO2 vapor which is then released back in the air. This also means that the carbon cells remain clean and never require replacement. The end result is odor free air that is clean throughout the home.

Most of Our Systems Come With

Lifetime Warranty (exception of the UV lamp)
Clean Coils
Ozone Free
Indoor Air Quality
Odor Control
Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation

The EPA says that indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air and this creates a high level of health risk. Using a whole house air purifier like ours will significantly improve the quality of indoor air and remove odors and toxins while also killing all viruses, bacteria, and even mold.

UV-C Light Kills Germs

Scientists have known for over a hundred years that this type of light is capable of killing a number of germs. One of the reasons is the fact that this light is usually filtered out by the atmosphere and microorganisms have never developed a defense against it. How it works is it is able to scramble the microorganisms DNA which then prevents it from reproducing.

Why Emergency Air for Air Purifier Air Quality

If you want the best air purifier at your home or office, consider hiring the quality equipment offered by Emergency Air. We provide some of the best brands of air purifiers available today. We also provide maintenance and repair for air purifiers of all brands and models. Our courteous and skilled personnel will help keep your air purifier in great shape, ensuring that you get the best air quality at all times.

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