New AC Unit Installations

If you’re looking to install a new air conditioning unit or replace an old one, do speak first with our expert installers. For new unit brands, check out our offerings with one of our customer specialists. They are knowledgeable and equipped to guide you to the best unit applicable for your specific application.

When you need a new ac unit for commercial, industrial or home use, Emergency Air is here to guide you.

The question is: do you need to replace the entire system or do you want a repair? For some owners, it's not a repair they are thinking about. Some simply prefer a complete AC replacement to increase efficiency.

Now, here are things to consider before installation or replacement:


It requires quite a bit of a time to install a new AC unit. In most cases, we can do a new air conditioner installation on the same day. In some cases if we are also replacing your air ducts, it may take an extra day or two.

Entire system or not

Repair or Replace Your Unit? There are factors to consider. Is there a major problem or there are only parts to repair? Is the repair’s total cost reasonable? Would it not be better to replace the entire thing to make sure that you can have savings for the long term?

Cool your entire home

Do you need to cool the entire house all the time? Do you need a new thermostat whose function serves your purpose and doesn’t cause wasted energy and money?

Reliable Contractors?

Are there reliable contractors around? Ask yourself if those people can be trusted to install the system you have in mind. Also, ask if they have capable experts to install the system.

Since 1997, Emergency Air Heating and Cooling has been installing new AC units for commercial and residential customers in Phoenix. Our licensed, bonded and insured team will install your new system promptly and quickly, so you can begin your operations right away.

Our method is fast and reliable. Here’s a quick overview of our customer-approved approach.

First, we’ll talk to you about the following:

    1. Do you have a central air conditioning system or a split air conditioning system?
    2. What is the square footage of your home or office?
    3. We will then check the load on the electric circuit to be used. This is to avoid blowing the fuse or tripping the breaker.

Our 8 Step Installation Process

Call us and find out why we are different and the right installation company for you.
We need to know what type of air conditioning system you currently have
We will assess your home and needs to determine the best air conditioning system that will fit what you are looking for
We will remove your old broken air conditioning system
Analyze your current duct system in your home or office
Check your refrigerant lines
We will then begin installation of your new energy efficient air conditioning system
Finally, after installation we will check your thermostat and ensure that your new unit is working properly

The whole process takes up to a day to finish installation based on the work involved. If we can start in the morning, you’ll have a working system later in the day. (Not always the case, but we work hard to make this happen)

Typical AC Unit Service Life

AC systems need to be maintained properly. You can depend on our maintenance service to ensure that you will have a lower energy cost and the system will have a longer lifespan.

Air conditioning units usually last up to 20 years, provided that they are properly maintained. If you buy a good quality unit from a reputable brand, expect it to last for 15 – 20 years.  This is why we are an official distributor for Carrier units. Carrier is among some of the best air conditioners on the market.

Another factor to consider is the size of the space where it will be used. If you buy too small of a unit for a larger house, it will work much harder to keep your Phoenix home at the desired temperature. Call us today, we can help you find the right size and capacity air conditioner for your home at some of the best prices available.

Cost of a New Residential AC Unit

The types of the AC systems, the SEER rating and the tonnage of AC units are factors considered by manufacturers and sellers when determining the price of air conditioners. Of course, there are brands that are more expensive than others.

In Phoenix, the average cost for new AC unit installations is $5819. This may rise up to over $10000, depending on the unit’s price and the degree of difficulty of installation. Everything is included in these prices – unit cost, labor, materials, clean-up, and equipment.

Subject to credit approval, Emergency Air has financing options if you have a tight budget. Check out our financing options with our online customer representatives.

Why Emergency Air When Purchasing a New AC Unit?

Emergency Air offers professional heating and cooling installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services. Why choose us?

  • We listen to the needs of our customers and respond fast.
  • We provide competitive pricing over and above the financing options that we also offer.
  • We maintain qualified technicians who are considerate and act professionally at all times. They are updated with the latest practices in the industry through continuing education.
  • You can trust us to give you quality services. We have built a solid reputation, making us one of the most sought-after heating and cooling companies in Phoenix.
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