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A thermostat is an integral part of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system that maintains the system’s temperature at a required set-point. It switches the system on when it needs the temperature to heat up or cool down, and it switches off when the desired temperature is reached. Thermostats control the temperature using mechanical sensors, electrical sensors or digital sensors. With these sensors, a thermostat can easily measure temperature and give the correct readings a system needs. A thermostat oftentimes is the main control unit for an HVAC system.

But like any other common device, a thermostat can also experience issues and breakdowns. Malfunctions can either be caused by problems in the performance of the entire HVAC system or when dirt and corrosion sets in.

It may only be some loose wiring and terminal screws that need to be tightened, or it may be a simpler issue, like batteries that may have just died out. If you have a few troubleshooting skills, you can pick up a pair of pliers and do the repair by yourself. Sometimes, a couple of twists from a screwdriver and persistent brushing on corrosion can easily fix the problem. But sometimes, they just can’t.

When nothing’s happening and your system starts to cause further temperature discrepancies, you’ll also start to feel uncomfortable inside your home especially during summer when it is hot. An inefficient thermostat not only causes discomfort inside the home, but it also causes soaring utility bills. Nobody wants to pay more for inefficient energy consumption. When your thermostat fails and simple troubleshooting skills can’t breathe life into it again, it’s time that the thermostat needs to be replaced. It’s about time to contact us at Emergency Air.

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Replacement and Installation

HVAC Thermostat Replacement and Installation

Replacement and Installation

Some faulty thermostats can be repaired to make it work properly again. Our dependable technician can quickly come up with a diagnosis and perform the necessary repair to make your thermostat recover its efficiency. We will look for any dirt buildup on parts and components and we will check if the thermostat has battery issues. We will assess the location of your thermostat if it is installed correctly in a viable spot inside your house. A bad location can give out a false temperature reading and it will confuse the thermostat. But after checking all of these and if the thermostat’s condition is found to be beyond repair, our technician will promptly recommend the necessary replacement.

The replacement or installation of a thermostat depends on the model of your HVAC system and our technician’s evaluation. A replacement thermostat may not be good for your system even when it has the most expensive price or even when it has the best features in its class. Our technician has the know-how to recommend the best course of action according to what’s best for your home and your environment.

Here at Emergency Air, we offer a wide variety of energy saving smart thermostats that work with your system. Most of the products we offer are compatible with most HVAC systems in the market and are not very expensive. With the advent of smart technology and remote control access, most consumers now use the digital sensor for their systems. Not only does it prove to be more convenient, but it also allows the consumers to save on their energy dollars. Digital thermostats are programmable thermostats, which translates to at least 30% energy savings if on default mode. You have the option to let it stay on default mode or you may opt to program it according to your liking. Just remember that the increase and decrease of energy consumption will later depend on the final adjustments that you, as a consumer, set on the program of the thermostat.



We carry a line of both WiFi and non-WiFi thermostats suitable for your HVAC systems. For the WiFi line, we have the
Carrier Wi-Fi Thermostat Model Number TC-WHS01, the Côr 5C Wi-Fi Thermostat Model Number TSTWHA01, the Côr 7C Wi-Fi Thermostat Model Number TSTWRH01, the Côr Wi-Fi Thermostat Model Number TP-WEM01-A and the INFINITY SYSTEM CONTROL Model Number SYSTXCCITC01-B.

These multi-faceted thermostats can adapt to numerous HVAC systems and will give you the convenience of remote access control and energy saving capabilities. The WiFi function lets you use these products alongside convenient mobile apps so you can control their features online to adjust your desired temperatures even when you’re just sitting on your favorite couch or when you’re at the office away from home.

The WiFi thermostats come with graphic displays, remote access via smartphones and tablets, runtime tracking, energy reports, energy-saving mode adjustments, system maintenance reminders and warranty certificates for up to five years.

Carrier Wi-Fi Thermostat

Why choose Emergency Air?

Since our company was founded in 1997, we have been proud to be known as a leader in the Phoenix Metro Area for top quality HVAC service. We have a live chat service staffed by people dedicated to answering your questions. At Emergency Air, we have dependable and experienced technicians available 24 hours a day. They will make sure you will have somebody to depend on whenever your HVAC systems suddenly fail. Because our technicians have in their hands all the necessary training, equipment, and spare parts for the service, we can guarantee that we can finish a repair job in the soonest time possible.

If you are considering purchasing a new HVAC system, get yours from Emergency Air.

We offer them at affordable prices with rebates and come with flexible financing options through our collaboration with Wells Fargo Financial National Bank. Call us for more detailed information.