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We’ve built Emergency Air to be the company that Arizona can depend on for every type of air conditioning and heating system work. That requires experience and reliability.

We’re proud of our people. Many of our technicians have been with us since the day we opened, and all have undertaken extensive training and testing to ensure they are capable of providing the highest possible standards of work. Our experienced staff have performed every type of installation, repair and HVAC system work imaginable, and bring many decades of experience to every job

Why You Should Choose Emergency Air!

Authorized Dealer for Carrier

Top-quality manufacturers don’t let just anyone sell their products; they carefully vet the companies they appoint to be their authorized dealers. And we’re honored to be an authorized dealer for the best of the bunch, Carrier. The top heating and air conditioning company in the world trusts us with their reputation, and we’re able to offer substantial dealer discounts to all of our clients – discounts you can’t get from run-of-the-mill "AC repair companies."

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our work. We guarantee our workmanship on new systems for a minimum of two full years. It’s that simple.

Every Customer is Our Top Priority

Our vision is to be recognized by the community and the HVAC industry for our practices, standards and ethics. That begins and ends with providing complete satisfaction for every one of our clients: homeowners and businesses, cooling, heating and/or air purification customers, full installations or repairs. We like to say that our goal is to promise a lot – and deliver even more.

Accurate, Up-Front Pricing with NO Overtime Fees

We’re not just a company, we’re people – and we deal with service companies, too. That means we share our clients’ frustration with inaccurate or deceptive pricing, and have resolved from the beginning to be completely transparent with every client. We provide accurate, up-front estimates before we start work, and we don’t sock you with unexpected overtime fees, either.

Emergency Air: Qualified for Any Type of Air Conditioning Work

Air conditioning comes in many forms. Our experienced Emergency Air technicians are qualified to handle every type of equipment, and every type of work.

Our reputation has been built over more than twenty years. In addition to receiving hundreds of glowing client recommendations and reviews, we’ve maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and been given the BBB’s prestigious Ethics Award.

If you live in Arizona, chances are good that you either own or are thinking about installing central air. It’s the most efficient and most effective way to cool a home in a climate where the temperature can stay above 85-90 degrees for months on end, and a traditional air conditioning system can provide heat as well as cooling. The most comprehensive solution is a "split" system, with the compressor located outdoors and an indoor air handler (containing the coils and fans). After a complete survey of your home or business, Emergency Air can recommend the type of system which will be the perfect fit, along with a free, accurate estimate.

Packaged Units

Packaged central air conditioners are often the right choice for homes and businesses without a lot of space to spare. They contain the system’s motor, coils and fan all housed in a single outdoor unit, making them quiet, easier to maintain and less expensive than a split system. Emergency Air often installs packaged units in both residential and commercial buildings, and they can be a great alternative.

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Rooftop Packaged Units

If space outside a building is limited as well, there’s a somewhat-tricky way to get around the issue: a rooftop packaged unit, with the entire air conditioning system installed on the roof. It’s easier to get this done on a flat roof than a pitched roof; however, the equipment can look out-of-place on a home’s roof either way, which is why rooftop installations are more commonly used by businesses. The certified pros at Emergency Air have years of experience with rooftop packaged units and can advise you whether one is the right choice for you.

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Ductless Mini-Split Units

Some homes are built without indoor ductwork, and ducts can be messy and complicated to install. In those cases, ductless mini-split units are a perfect alternative. They’re similar to a traditional split air conditioning system but utilize small indoor air handlers containing just the fans. One indoor unit is mounted in each room, and all are connected to the outdoor compressor by tubing. A ductless mini-split will give you complete control over the cooling in each room, but it can turn out to be more expensive than a ducted system. A free evaluation by the experts at Emergency Air can tell you if it’s a good option for your home.

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Gas and Electric Units

As most people know, almost all air conditioning systems run on electricity. However, homes with natural gas can certainly combine a gas furnace for heat with a central air conditioning system while using the same ductwork. Emergency Air installs many of these combo systems, particularly in suburban and rural areas where heat can be almost as important as air conditioning. We can provide a top-notch gas/electric system complete with authorized dealer discounts.

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Air conditioning systems are definitely not “one size fits all.” The professionals at Emergency Air will be delighted to pay you a visit for a free consultation and estimate, and will be delighted to welcome you into our family of satisfied clients.

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