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Commercial Heating Repair

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Commercial Heating Repair

Commercial Furnace & Boiler Heating Repair

For commercial heating repair in Phoenix, count on Emergency Air Cooling and Heating. We are a trusted HVAC company with expert technicians who are bonded, licensed and insured.

Our services are specially designed for emergency situations. We know that your operations can be stalled due to HVAC problems. This can result in large financial losses. Our skilled technicians will perform a quick inspection to determine the cause of your heating problem.

Emergency air’s products and services are affordable and our quotes are some of the most competitive in the region. We also find ways to lower cost and make sure not to charge customers beyond the value of our work.

In commercial spaces, HVAC systems account for 50% of the energy usage. What’s more is that these systems affect workers’ productivity, health, and safety.

Ours is a 24/7 business, so don’t hesitate to contact us even in the wee hours of the morning.

You can call us for any of the following commercial heating repair problems:

Broken Thermostat

Your furnace continues to run but it doesn’t give off heat. It may be that the thermostat is not working. Regular thermostat checks are an integral part of HVAC maintenance.

Dirty Filters

Dirty filters result in poor airflow. Our advice is to have yours replaced every month.

Poor Air Circulation

This situation calls for a check on the fan motors. If the motors are good, our technicians will inspect the unit’s bearings and belts.

Pilot Light

If this light cannot remain lit for long periods of time, you will notice that at times you get only sporadic heat or none at all.

Poor Maintenance History

If there have been no regular checks on the system for quite a time, you might be dealing with a host of issues. Poor maintenance is also the number one reason why usually consumers end up with costly replacements whenever their HVAC system malfunctions.

Reliable Solutions

Commercial Heating Repair

Emergency Air is an HVAC known for its reliable and efficient solutions to heating problems.

After having worked in the industry for many years, our technicians have gained sufficient knowledge of different heating issues and how to go about with them. When faced with new and challenging issues, our men gather together at the meeting table to brainstorm for the best solution.

Good customer service is paramount to delivering reliable and effective solutions. Thus, we also listen attentively to know customers’ needs and respond in a timely manner. We also endeavor to be considerate and act professionally at all times.

Providing good solutions also means that services are within the customers’ means. Our commercial heating repair quotes are some of the most competitive in the region of Phoenix. Try comparing our prices with those of other companies, and you’ll find that we can perform the same job with lesser pressure on the pocket.

Lastly, despite the low pricing schemes that we have, we still put our best efforts in providing customers with top of the line equipment. Our mechanical air filters, equipment for UV light treatment, and air humidifiers are the latest and the most advanced that the market can offer. We are on constant lookout for new equipment that our partner manufacturers can supply to us.

Commercial Furnace Repair

If you know that your furnace has been acting up and you don’t know why, call our customer representatives and explain the details of what you are seeing there. Our representatives are ready to accept your call 24 hours a day.

Make sure that when you call them that you are ready with details so we can facilitate an immediate resolution to your problems. Your system needs our attention if you noticed anything like:

It doesn’t produce heat

We’d like to normalize operations for you as quickly as possible to ensure your comfort.

It is producing heat but not enough

It is still a sign that there’s something wrong and the problem can get worse.

Pilot light turning on and off automatically

We will find the root cause of this interruption and repair it immediately.

Gas leak

Call us immediately after turning the system off. Do not use lighters or matches.

Commercial Boiler Repair

Boilers are pressurized systems. They burn combustible fuel for heating water. Other types use electricity for his purpose. Do exercise proper care when dealing with boilers as they contain hot water or steam under high pressure.

Make sure that your boilers receive regular maintenance from a professional and licensed contractor. This is to ensure that the system continues to work properly and will not present to the safety of the building and your workers. We advise for routine inspection because that’s the only way that these systems can be made to last longer, provide a healthy environment for workers and help to maintain a productive workforce.

Why Commercial Businesses Choose Emergency Air for Heating

Emergency Air is a good choice for businesses in need of commercial heating repair when their systems go awry. We maintain the highest quality of services that rival the kind of services our competitors give.

Honest dealings and the drive to make good relationships with suppliers, customers and even competitors are the hallmarks of our business. If you are a customer, you will get the value you expect in return for your dollars. If you are a supplier or a creditor of our business, you need not worry about the compensation in return for your services.

Check our quality cooling and heating products that we only sourced from topnotch manufacturers. We only choose the best that the industry offers.

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kaylin testimonial

I never felt like they were trying to sell me anything, I honestly just felt like they cared about my home and my system..

melissa testimoinal

Didn’t rush us just to make a sale, Explained everything, showed the problems with the old unit..

larry testimonial

Smart, professional, and thoughtful. A 5 Star Tech. I recommend for all your emergency needs..