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Commercial Heating Installation

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Commercial Heating Installation

Heat pumps and boilers are hardworking machines. They undergo the wear and tear due to daily use, so in time you will have to replace yours. If the cost of repair exceeds half the amount of the price of a new one, would it not be wise to choose a replacement instead?

Here at Emergency Air Heating and Cooling, we perform commercial heating installation, repairs, maintenance. If you’re not sure of what to do with your equipment when it malfunctions, give us a call. We will happily guide you on what steps to take next.

Years of service

Most units last only up to 15 years.

Inconsistent heating

Parts of the building are hot while other parts are cold.


You might be facing a pressure or blockage issue. Call Emergency Air for an immediate inspection.


It can be a valve that needs tightening, but if the boiler is frequently leaking, consider replacing. Frequent flooding is risky to both your health and safety.

Increasing energy cost

Do you need to always push the boiler to its fullest capacity? If so, it can drastically increase your utility cost. The saved extra cash can be saved for a future replacement that is more efficient and pocket-friendly.

Current average commercial heating installation or replacement cost stands at around $5300. Typical range is from $3300 to $7300.

Commercial Heat Pump Installation

Commercial Heat Pump Installation

We offer heat pump installation which can cost you a little over $4100. It is best that you confer with us first before buying a unit on your own. We can give you options in terms of cost, size and the appropriate type to use in your business.

Heat pump installation takes only a few easy steps. First, we install the condenser and then attach the air handler. The air handler must be mounted at least 2 feet away from the ceiling and nowhere should it be put near the TV.

Then we connect parts together using wires. For the finishing touch, we will cover any exposed wires with a plastic covering. Will you do a DIY? We suggest that you let professionals do this sensitive job. Put your safety above your need to cut on the installation budget. It is advisable to save money so that you are prepared to hire specialists for future replacements rather than do it on your own.

Commercial Furnace & Boiler Installation

Commercial Furnace & Boiler Installation

Emergency Air specializes in commercial heating installation and maintenance. When we come to your place, we will check the layout of your workplace, so we can properly install your new system and ensure that sufficient air conditioning can be experienced in all rooms and facilities.

To successfully operate heating and cooling equipment in buildings, we need to understand the interaction of all systems within these structures. We also try to ask business owners if there are intended modifications that will be implemented within the building in the near future and proceed with the installation with the changes or the current setting in mind. If you don’t have future restructuring to implement, that’s all the better, because we will just have to consider only the existing setup. Commercial heating installations are done by our men who have been in the businesses for many years now. They have enough experience dealing with different settings and types of heating devices, and they are licensed, bonded and insured in the first place.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask our technicians. Most especially, ask them how they will do the installation, how much time they need and how much cost you will incur from the project. If you still have time, they can educate on the heating system and how to properly maintain it.

Energy Efficient Commercial Heaters

We want you to experience having a system that will not cause a lot of headaches when it comes to paying your energy bills. Our representatives are ready to show you heat pump and boiler units that are energy efficient. We carry top of the line models manufactured by Carrier, a trusted brand that we recommend to our customers.

As a certified heating and cooling contractor, we know that heating systems go beyond the furnace. It is not just the furnace that we consider, but the entire system. Apart from installing your machine, we will check your ductwork and ventilation system. The ductwork and ventilation are an integral component of achieving worker comfort and an energy efficient system.

Why Choose Emergency Air for Commercial Heating

Choosing our company will give you a lot of benefits. First, we operate with the idea that customers must have a nice experience deciding the right unit to install. It is quite a humongous task deciding, so we will be there with you every step of the way. We will be honest with our opinions and give you options so that in the end you can say that it is you who decided and not us.

Second, the company sides with customers in terms of budgeting – offering rebates for commercial heating installation, repair, and maintenance if needed.

Our company also offers rebates and discounts. Learn about these with our customer representatives before purchasing. Honesty and integrity are the backbones of our business. These allow us not only to form strong alliances with financial institutions and suppliers. The strong commitment to honest dealings earns the trust and respect of our competitors. Above all, we put the highest focus on customer satisfaction and consumer confidence.

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kaylin testimonial

I never felt like they were trying to sell me anything, I honestly just felt like they cared about my home and my system..

melissa testimoinal

Didn’t rush us just to make a sale, Explained everything, showed the problems with the old unit..

larry testimonial

Smart, professional, and thoughtful. A 5 Star Tech. I recommend for all your emergency needs..