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From Gilbert to Peoria, the Phoenix Metro Area has some intense summers. Since 1997, we’ve been helping people battle the heat with expert air conditioning repair, maintenance, and new installation services. We believe that your home should be a place of cool comfort – and for that you need a well-functioning and efficient air conditioning system. With our years of experience, we have worked on every sort of system and know the ins and outs of getting your air conditioning to perform at its peak. Our NATE certified technicians are consummate professionals and strive to always keep our customers satisfied  – and, most of all, comfortable. Call us today to schedule an appointment and mention our website to get $25 off your service call. Or simply keep scrolling to learn more about our air conditioning services.

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Valley Wide Emergency Air Conditioning and Cooling System Repairs

Having your air conditioner break down in the middle of summer is no laughing matter. Regardless of the time, day or night, we treat your system failure like the emergency it is and quickly dispatch a technician to resolve the issue. With our expertise and experience, we are able to speedily diagnose any issue and often get it resolved in the same trip! That’s because we keep our trucks well-stocked with the parts you are most likely to have issues with. Our techs are also trained on all types of systems, so whether your home has a central air or heat pump, a wall mount unit, or a swamp cooler, we are the experts you can trust to fix it the right way, right away. You read that right: we offer 24/7 emergency service to the entire Phoenix Metro Valley area with expert technicians resolving issues for any type of system – often in a single trip. So when you have air conditioning issues, call us right away to get back to the comfort you deserve!

Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

For those living in the Valley, you know that the Phoenix area means two things during the summer: heat and dust. Between the monsoons and haboobs and the unrelenting heat, your home cooling system is placed under a lot of stress. To help families keep their A/C working in top form, we offer preventative maintenance programs that help avoid costly repairs and maximize system efficiency. Year after year, your air system cycles dust and other debris through its filters and with hours of daily use places a lot of stress on various components. We conduct an exhaustive multi-point check and clean out the system to ensure that you get proper air flow and dependable performance. Best of all, with routine maintenance, you can improve your system’s efficiency while lowering your monthly energy bills. Call us today to find out more about or maintenance programs.

Air Conditioning and Cooling System Tune-Ups

As part of our maintenance programs we also offer seasonal and one-time tune ups that offer a more exhaustive system overhaul to help ensure that your air conditioner operates at its best during the scorching summer season. Our technicians perform a thorough system examination and replace any parts as needed, while also screening for potential leaks and systemic issues. We are able to detect a whole host of potential issues before they spiral out of control into costly repair jobs. When you consider how many hours your system runs each day, it makes sense that you should treat it to a proper tune up every so often, just as you would with your car. You will find that seasonal tune-ups can vastly improve performance while extending your system’s life and even lowering your bills. Call us now to find out more.

Air Conditioning System Purchase, Installation and Replacement

Air conditioning systems don’t last forever. And even those that may still function after years of use ought to be replaced with more efficient systems if you’re not getting the comfort or cost-effectiveness you should. Emergency Air can make choosing a new unit and upgrading your system easy and painless. Unlike some companies, we take the time to run a thorough examination of the home and the old system to determine specific requirements and compatibility. We then sit down and offer a detailed overview and recommendation to help you choose the best system for your specific needs. We also work to get you any rebates and incentives to keep costs low. Once you’ve decided on a system, our skilled technicians perform a white glove installation and ensure that everything is running in top order before leaving you to enjoy the cool comfort of your new air system.

Carrier Air Conditioning Products

With a long tradition of quality and dependability, Carrier is a staple of the HVAC industry. Carrier manufactures a wide range of cooling products with high SEER ratings and stellar reviews. We are proud to offer their full line of cooling equipment to help bring your home to new levels of comfort.

Trane Air Conditioning Products

Built like tanks and made to withstand harsh weather, like the Arizona heat, Trane is a name that is synonymous with dependability. We are honored to offer Trane’s broad range of home cooling products. When you choose a Trane system, you know you are getting comfort and quality.

Rheem Air Conditioning Products

Rheem products have an industry-wide reputation for reliability and quality. You can trust that when you buy Rheem, you will be getting the latest technology and cutting edge-efficiency that is built to last. We are proud to offer Rheem’s wide line of cooling products to our customers throughout the Phoenix area.

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