Whether you are a brand-new homeowner or you have been enjoying homeownership for many years, one thing that people often struggle with is knowing which home improvement projects are a priority and which can wait. In the ideal world, we would be able to tackle every project on our home renovation list, but the truth is, there just isn’t enough time and money to do it all. Use our simple guide below to decide what needs to be fixed and what can wait until later.

How to Prioritize 2017 Home Improvement Projects

As you make a list of home improvement projects for the new year, you must prioritize which projects need to be completed first and which projects can wait. Here are some tips for prioritizing your 2017 home improvement projects:

Access your home’s needs.

Each home is different, and so are its needs. If you have a newer home, you may only have a few ongoing maintenance concerns or a list of cosmetic projects you would like to take on. However, if you have an older home, you may need to start replacing appliances and repairing other areas of the home. Consider how old your home is and what will need to be replaced soon. These projects should take priority when it comes time to budget and plan for home improvement projects.

Safety and comfort should come first.

When choosing between two home improvement projects, it’s important to consider which contributes the most to your family’s safety and comfort. For instance, going without a working HVAC system can start to cause health issues, not to mention it can become quite uncomfortable for all involved. Though that wallpaper in the bathroom may hurt your eyes, it is not as pivotal to the health, safety, and happiness of your family quite like an HVAC system that runs smoothly and helps control humidity and temperature year-round.

Consider your budget.

Budget is an important concern when prioritizing projects. Think about which projects you can afford, and which will have to wait until you’ve saved a bit more. Taking on some of the work yourself is a smart way to stretch your budget. Though you’ll certainly want to call in a professional when it comes to the major repairs and replacements, there are some projects that you can tackle on your own, such as painting or landscaping.

In the end, homeowners should use their best judgment to determine which projects need to be completed first. Safety, health, and comfort should be your top concerns when prioritizing home improvement projects. Those projects that impact your ability to live a safe and comfortable life should be taken on first. Elements of your home like your heating and cooling system can have a significant impact on your quality of life and can even start to affect your family’s health. If you need HVAC repairs that just can’t wait, call us today: (602) 894-9228.

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