Electric Resistance Heating

Why You Need Electric Resistance Heating

Modern life without electricity is nearly unimaginable. Whether we’re cooking, typing a memo for work, reading, watching television, or working on a hobby, we can’t do it without electricity. Perhaps because we are so dependent on electricity, we take it for granted. Yet we need to use this resource as wisely as possible, and save

Frequently Asked Questions About SEER Ratings

Frequently Asked Questions About SEER Ratings

SEER is the “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio” for air conditioning units. It’s a term the US Department of Energy uses to rate the energy efficiency of air conditioners. An air conditioner’s SEER is found by taking its total cooling output (in BTUs) during its annual usage period and dividing that by its energy input (in

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Arizona Weather Facts and Statistics

Record breaking heat, nights as hot as most states highest temperature day time. Blistering Sun! Arizona dwellers know how hot this state can be and find every reason to stay indoors. Call us today and make sure your A/C is working perfectly. While your waiting for us to come service your system, here’s some fun

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Celebrate the 4th of July in Phoenix this Year in Style

At Emergency Air Heating & Cooling, we’ve put together a short list of some fun things to do around town this 4th of July. It’s by no means a complete list, but it has a little something for everyone in it. Hopefully if you’ve been wondering what to do this 4th of July, this will

Proper HVAC Refrigerant Disposal

Drain-No! : Proper Disposal of HVAC Coolants

Your HVAC system utilizes refrigerants, and the refrigerant cycle, in order to either provide heating or cooling to your home. That refrigerant within it can have disastrous effects on the environment if it were to be released into it. There are now strict regulations on what to do with refrigerants and who can handle them.

Emergency -- Heat Pumps -- 05-02-16

How Do Heat Pumps Technically Work?

The heat pump, no other heating method confuses as many people as to how it works as this. In reality, it’s only counter-intuitive as an idea at first and you’re more familiar with their operation than you think. In fact, you’ve probably been using one your whole life and not even known it. How to