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by Emergency Air Heating and Cooling

Emergency Air has been serving its customers with the highest quality of air conditioning and heating repair since 1997. We have the experience, knowledge, and tools to repair or replace any air conditioning or heating system your home is equipped with. Our team of highly trained technicians take pride in their work and will keep your house comfortable all summer and winter long!

We’re proud to carry the best selection of manufacturers available in Arizona. If your system’s issues are beyond repair,we can offer affordable replacement options. Trust our experience and the reputation of our suppliers to provide you with an Air Conditioning solution for your home.

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Who is Emergency Air

Air Conditioning Repair Phoenix by Emergency AirYour Comfort is our Emergency.

Is anything more critical during an Arizona summer than dependable air conditioning? Beyond a good sunblock, probably not. So if your air conditioner is unreliable, inefficient, or downright unresponsive, we can help. We have been repairing home air conditioning units since 1997, more than enough time to know that quickly dispatched service is a necessity.

Need your heater or air conditioner repaired today?

No problem. We offer same-day service. Can’t get home for a service appointment until the evening? We also offer extended summer hours for emergencies. And everyone knows you can’t control when your system will decide to go on the fritz. Emergency air conditioning service on holidays and weekends. It’s all part of our devotion to customer service. Your comfort and happiness are our #1 priority.

Some Recent Comments

Monitoring the Install

As you know I was monitoring my friends A/C installation today while they are out of town. The 2 young men performing the install work great together, and did an outstanding job, this was the first time I have dealt with your company and I will recommend you guys to everyone in the future. I will decide soon for my own A/C replacement for my home. Thanks!

Lora E

Take Pride

Wonderful to deal with a business that takes “pride in their workmanship.” We very much appreciated your help in working with us by phone while we were out of town. We’ve been pleased with your help with our winter home. Every in your company has a great attitude about their work.

John O

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Why Choose Emergency Air?

First and foremost we truly believe that honesty is the best policy not just a phrase. We also make it our goal to exceed the customers expectations.
Our motive is genuine and sincere and it is to have the customers best interest at heart.

As stated before we serve the public with heating and air conditioning (comfort). There are times when we arrive to a customers house and their system does not work and they cannot afford to pay for it to be fixed. Our company policy is to never leave a house without the basic comforts of heating and air conditioning. It is the "Good Deed Policy" whenever any of our field reps come across a situation where they have an opportunity to perform a good deed they have the authority to act on our behalf.

We meet all State, Federal and Local laws. We are licensed bonded and insured. When we perform a job we always go above and beyond taking extra steps adding extra safety/performance devices and measures that are not required to ensure consumer protection and the highest efficiency possible.

The Best Air Conditioning Repair Phoenix

electricalrepairsWith high temperatures in the triple digits from June to September, home and business owners in Phoenix must have an air conditioner in good working condition. The other months are plenty warm as well. However, it isn't always easy to determine when you need air conditioning repair Phoenix. Perhaps your unit makes an unusual noise or you're not getting the full cooling effect that you need to remain comfortable. Unless you have specialized HVAC training, it's best to call a professional to diagnose and correct the problem.

Common Air Conditioning Performance Issues

Are conditioners are supposed to run quietly in the background, not make loud or unpredictable noises. When they do, it may indicate that the motor is going bad or parts within the unit have become loose or disconnected. If the problem persists for more than one day, be sure to call for air conditioning repair in Phoenix.

The air coming from your unit should be strong and flow evenly throughout your home or business. A weakened airflow may indicate a problem with the air conditioner's blower unit. Not only does having a weakened airflow leave you feeling uncomfortable, it also affects the quality of your indoor air. When this problem arises, you should first check the filter to ensure that it is clean. If not, replace it with a new filter to see if that resolves the problem. Should the issue persist even after replacing the filter, contact an air conditioning repair specialist in Phoenix.

An air conditioner that blow warm air or takes too long to reach the desired temperature is another common problem. An HVAC technician can usually resolve this problem by replacing the unit's coolant fluid. When that doesn't work, he or she may need to perform additional diagnostics to determine why your air conditioner is not cooling as expected.

You can reduce the need for frequent air conditioner repairs by making a small investment in preventive maintenance. This enables technicians to diagnose and correct minor problems before they become costly to fix later.


Phoenix Air Conditioning Service

moneyTaking good care of your air conditioning system is vital to its longevity, and doing so can also help to keep your power bills from soaring. Maintenance at the end of summer is just as important as it is at the beginning of the hottest season. If you hire the right Phoenix air conditioning service to perform this maintenance, you will likely be able to maximize your system and prepare it for the time when you need to rely on it heavily again.

Changing the Filter

One action that a Phoenix air conditioning professional will generally take during a maintenance visit is to change the filter in your air conditioner. Once summer is over, the filter is likely to be full of dust, dirt, and grime. By changing the filter at the end of summer, an air conditioning professional will help to ensure that you are able to use your air conditioner as soon as the weather is hot again.

Inspecting the Major Components

Another step that a professional may take is to check all of the major parts of your air conditioning system. The fan and the motor can be checked for damage and corrosion, and they may be inspected to be certain that they are working as they should. If any parts need to be fixed or replaced, it's best to do this as soon as possible instead of waiting until the system is needed.

Checking for Leaks

Be sure to discuss any issues you may have noticed with your air conditioning system, such as odd odors or sounds. These irregularities could indicate leaks in your air conditioner. Ideally, leaks should be identified and repaired before you need to use your air conditioner for the next hot season.

End-of-summer air conditioner maintenance is an important aspect of the overall upkeep of your system. A Phoenix air conditioning professional can help you to get your air conditioner in the best shape possible. This means that your air conditioning system should be ready to use when the hottest months return in the following year.

HVAC Phoenix Replacement

wrenchAir conditioners are all but essential in modern American homes, so much so that many people take them for granted. Some homeowners are so accustomed to having a reliable air conditioner at all times that they don't always know when it should be repaired or replaced. Neglecting an air conditioner could lead to a costly repair bill down the road, so it's best to know when to call an air conditioning repair specialist by watching for these signs.

Your Air Conditioner Isn't Working as Well as It Used To

The most obvious sign that you need an air conditioning repair service is an air conditioner that simply doesn't work like it should. If you find that your home is uncomfortably warm in the summer despite having your air conditioner turned up, there is most likely something wrong. It could be that you haven't changed your HVAC system's filters recently or that your ducts are dirty, but if this isn't the case it's definitely time to call a repair professional.

Air Flow is Poor

If you find that there is little to no air flow in your vents, you might have a failing compressor. If some parts of your home are perfectly comfortable while others are not, there could be a problem with your duct work. In any case, you should call an air conditioning repair service to find the cause of the problem.

Moisture Near Your Unit

A properly functioning air conditioning unit will remove any condensation that would otherwise form and pool near the unit. If you notice too much condensation on your air conditioner or pools of liquid near the unit, you might have a blocked or broken drain tube. There is also the possibility that the liquid you're seeing is refrigerant. Refrigerant leaks can be a serious health risk, so make sure you call a repair professional if you notice too much moisture where there shouldn't be any.

Strange Sounds

As an air conditioner nears the end of its life, it might make squealing or grinding noises. These sounds are a clear indicator that something is wrong with your unit, and while your air conditioner could be repaired it may be wiser to just buy a replacement once things get to this point.

Strange Smells

Finally, an air conditioner that is in need of repair might cause foul smells throughout your home. This is usually an indicator of either wire insulation being burned out or mold in your air ducts. Both of these should be checked out before you end up with a costly repair bill.