Thermostat Replacement

Energy Efficient Thermostat Replacement

The thermostat is one part of your air conditioning system that is often overlooked. A properly functioning thermostat will ensure that your desired temperature at home is reached and maintained at all times. Aside from this, a functional thermostat will also help you save a lot of money from energy costs, as it will regulate the amount of work your air conditioner will do at any given time. If you need thermostat replacement or repair, the name you should trust is Emergency Air Heating and Cooling. We provide the highest quality air conditioning and heating services in Phoenix.

Repair and Replacement

Most air conditioning units have a built-in thermostat which helps regulate its functions. As mentioned earlier, this device helps control your air conditioning system. The problem is that built-in thermostats are oftentimes not the most effective ones out there. At the same time, they tend to become inaccurate with time, resulting in uneven performance and energy efficiency. If you see a sudden jump in your electric bill, it might be time to check to see if your thermostat is in need of repair or replacement.

Whether you are using an external thermostat or a thermostat built into your HVAC system, it is important that you have it checked. There are some instances when your thermostat will be in need of repairs. Emergency Air Heating and Cooling has the expertise to help your air conditioning unit work like new once again. We will first test the performance of your thermostat to see if it is properly functioning. If we spot anything wrong, a thorough diagnostic check will be done to see where the source of the problem is. We then fix the problem once it is identified. We can make your thermostat perform like new again within a few hours!

However, there are some situations when your thermostat becomes damaged beyond repair. It is also possible that your HVAC unit can benefit from the installation of a better thermostat. In these situations, the only option left is to go for a full thermostat replacement. At Emergency Air Heating and Cooling, we have a full range of thermostats that will work well with just about every kind of air conditioning or heating unit. Our thermostats pass all environmental and safety standards, ensuring that you get the best level of performance from your heating/cooling unit.

Energy Saving Options & Solutions

Emergency Air Heating and Cooling believes that all households and businesses deserve access to the best energy saving options available. We highly recommend that you have our energy saving smart thermostats installed in your home or business establishment. As the name suggests, these devices work smart to ensure that you save as much energy as possible. Beyond helping you save money on your electric bills, our smart thermostats help save the environment by reducing energy consumption and emissions.

Smart thermostats are thermostats that can be linked to a home automation system. It is considered as an evolutionary step from the programmable thermostat, allowing users to control room temperatures at any given time of the day. For example, you can set different temperatures for day and night. You can even set individual temperatures for different rooms if you are using a zoned thermostat system. If used the right way, a smart thermostat can help you save a lot on electric bills.

Because they are connected with your home automation system, you can actually control these thermostats remotely via your mobile device, meaning you can control the thermostat (or shut the HVAC unit down) even when you are away from home. Some smart thermostats will even notify you when your HVAC unit might need maintenance work such as filter replacement. There are even smart thermostats called “learning systems” that adjust the thermostat’s functions depending on the occupant’s habits (ex.: the times when they stay at home).

Digital Thermostats

Most thermostats available on the market today are digital. There are multiple advantages that you can get by making this switch. Digital thermostats are less expensive than their analog counterparts, most especially because they don’t need to use mercury. Also, because no mercury is used in these units, digital thermostats are accepted as the safer option for regulating temperature. Digital thermostats evolved to the point that they are extremely accurate, helping users achieve higher levels of energy efficiency. You can even program these devices to regulate temperature at a specific level at particular times of the day.

If you haven’t upgraded to a digital thermostat, please allow Emergency Air Heating and Cooling to help you out. We carry a wide range of digital thermostats that are compatible with a wide range of HVAC units. We carry thermostats with a proven track record for superior performance. We can help you pick the right unit for your home or office and we will install it for you as well!

Are You In Need of Thermostat Replacement ?

If you are in need of thermostat replacement or you have further questions on how an upgrade can help you, we at Emergency Air Heating and Cooling are here for you. We have established a strong reputation for being a high-quality HVAC service provider in Phoenix. Don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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