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Thermostat Installation from Emergency Air

When installing a thermostat, they must meet all the specifications for installation set by the manufacturer. Thermostats are included in HVAC packages to function as temperature regulators, and if improperly mishandled, they won’t be able to do the job to the fullest. Worse yet, they can get damaged. If you need assistance in installing one of these devices, call Emergency Air Heating and Cooling technicians to assist you.

Before installation, here are points to check:

Check the manual for the distance requirement. Your manual states the limit of distance within which wireless communication among devices is possible or effective. Your house’s construction or arrangement will affect the range of communication.
It is preferred that the installation be made inside the room that’s used most often. This is to easily check if temperature is well-regulated and if the thermostat is functioning properly. Having it in this room also allows for easy access by users.
It must be installed away from drafts and on an interior wall.
Installation height should be 1.2 – 1.5 meters above the floor.
It should be located behind objects such as bookcases and doors.
If the thermostat needs to be installed within a zoned system, locate it near the radiator that it is supposed to control.

Our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured professionals, so the quality of our installation services is guaranteed. Take note of the requirements above and talk to them about the best place to install your thermostat.

Please take the time to call and tell us the brand and specifications of the thermostat ahead of our visit.

Installation of New AC Thermostats

Assuming that you are installing a programmable thermostat, here are the advantages from installing this type:

Here are the steps for installation:

  • Turn the old unit off and turn off the power connection to your HVAC.
  • Remove the old unit. You may need the wall plate to be still left attached to the wall. Study that wall plate for wire connections and test those connections to check if there’s still power flowing in.
  • Label the wires and take note of where these wires are specifically connected. Designate each wire a letter for identification later. New thermostats usually come with preprinted labels.
  • Take a picture of the current connections. You may refer to it later as a visual reference.
  • Detached the old wall plate.
  • Installing the new thermostat might require you to also detach old anchors. Depending on the size and shape of the new thermostat, create new anchors.
  • Fasten the new wall plate to the wall. Use a level and indicate the spots for the mounting holes. Insert the wires from the old setup through the wall plate and fasten the plate onto the wall. Make sure wires are securely connected to the plate.
  • Install batteries.
  • Attach the new thermostat to the plate.
  • Turn on power and operate according to instructions stated in the manual.

Things might get complicated when you install. You may ask the help of an electrician to ensure that the wires are properly connected.
If the thermostat has been powered, but you are unsure about setting it up correctly for it to properly work, refer to the manual or place a call to us. Our 24/7 technicians are ready to go to your place anytime for HVAC maintenance, installation jobs and repairs.

We Can Program and Set-Up for You

Learn how to program your thermostat, and first to know is: the differences between settings. If your home has a central heating and cooling system, it must be that temperature management in it is run by a central thermostat. Thermostats come with operational options, including fan options, cooling options and heating options.

Follow these steps for programming:

  • Have the manual ready.
  • Take notes of the schedules of everyone. Make a 7-day listing of regular going ins and outs of family members.
  • Set the clock of your thermostat to current date and time.
  • Set a temperature. This one is for when there are people inside your home.
  • Set the “leave” time and the appropriate temperature.
  • Do the same for the “return” schedule.
  • Do the same for “sleep” schedule.
  • Repeat the process for the rest of the days of the week.
  • To start the new set-up, press the “run” button.

We invite you to our place for a quick demonstration, but if you want us to show you how this operation goes with your own unit, our experienced specialists will gladly come over to your place.

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