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The Phoenix Metro Area is known for its hot summers, but facing the winter months without a solid heating system can be just as miserable. That’s why at Emergency Air, we train all of our technicians to work on all sorts of heating systems, from furnaces to heat pumps, heaters, and boilers. Our NATE certified techs treat every job with precision and professionalism so that you know when you call Emergency Air you are getting the best. From repairs and maintenance to installations and replacements, we are the Valley’s best HVAC company and we’re ready to prove it. Call us now to schedule and appointment or scroll down to find out more about our heating system services.

Emergency Furnace and Heating System Repairs

We offer 24/7 emergency service because we like to think of our customers like family. We wouldn’t want our family shivering in their own homes while their heating system refuses to work – and we don’t want you doing that either. When we get an “after-hours” call, we quickly dispatch a tech to get it resolved. With our extensive knowledge base and experience, we can easily pinpoint problems causing system failures and speedily work to get them fixed. To that end, we keep all our trucks stocked with parts that are likely to fail on various different systems so that way we can get you back up and running instead of shopping around for components. So, no matter when it happens, if your system breaks down call us right away!

Heating System and Furnace Preventative Maintenance

You may be surprised by the amount of wear and tear that is placed on your HVAC system. The average American home uses their comfort control system about 3,000 over the course of the year – that’s about 9 hours a day. In Arizona, that number is likely even higher, given how extreme our seasons can be. For that reason, we recommend performing regular maintenance to keep your system running at its best. You wouldn’t drive your car on frequent road-trips without getting an oil change every so often. The same principle applies to your heating and cooling system. Many customers are shocked to see how much their system improves while lowering their energy bills as a result of routine maintenance. Contact us today to find out more about our maintenance programs.

Phoenix Furnace and Heating System Tune-Ups

We strongly recommend that all our customers have seasonal tune-ups for their home heating system. By simply cleaning components, replacing or cleaning filters, and scanning for leaks or corrosion, we can identify major issues before they spiral out of control while also greatly improving system performance. That means that you can avoid costly repairs before the arise. With seasonal tune-ups, you will extend the life of your system, improve its performance, and even lower your energy bills. Think about that: you will save money while getting greater home comfort from your heating system. Contact us today to schedule a system tune-up to help get your home to the pinnacle of comfort.

Heating System Purchase, Installation and Replacement

Though many homes in the Valley use a central air system that combines heating and air conditioning into one, some have dedicated heating units to better control temperature during the winter. Whatever sort of system you have, when it comes time to replace any portion or the entire system, Emergency Air can help make the job easy for you. We conduct an extensive home inspection to determine exactly what your home needs in a heating system. We then sit down and review options with you and give our recommendations. Once you have picked out the system, our technicians perform a white glove installation – taking care to fit everything just right to maximize efficiency. Our philosophy is that getting the system installed properly from the start will help avoid years of unnecessary maintenance and repairs. Call us to day to schedule an inspection an estimate.

Carrier Heating Products

Carrier has established itself as an industry leader for HVAC products. With heaters, pumps, furnaces and boils running on a range of fuel types, you can trust that Carrier will have exactly what you need – all backed by Carrier’s famous name and guarantee.

Trane Heating Products

When you buy a Trane heating system, you can trust that it will be built to last. Trane has built a name for itself by providing top notch HVAC equipment. With everything from heaters to boilers, Trane not only has the products you want, but they have the quality to back it up.

Rheem Heating Products

Rheem produces top quality HVAC products designed and built for dependable reliability. With a whole range of heating systems to choose from, Rheem is a brand that will bring you comfort and efficiency without having to be repaired all the time.

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