The Emergency Air Extended Warranty

For consumers seeking an extra measure of protection, Emergency Air offers Manufacturers’ Extended Warranties for up to ten (10) years of coverage. All new heating and cooling systems come from the manufacturer with a limited warranty allowing free part replacement for a specified time period. However, the associated costs of replacing a part, such as refrigerant, EPA charges, welding and recovery fees, handling fees and labor, are generally not covered under a manufacturer’s limited warranty.

A Manufacturer’s Extended Warranty does provide you with replacement coverage, while also protecting you from unexpected bills and inflation, and guaranteeing that your HVAC equipment will be repaired by a factory-trained Emergency Air technician and that only genuine manufacturer parts will be used.

Your Benefits:

  • Peace of mind.
  • Protection from inflation.
  • Parts and Labor coverage to replace a covered part.
  • You will know your cost for total comfort – up to 10 years in advance.
  • Original parts will only be replaced with genuine manufacturer parts.
  • Our factory trained service technicians will complete any necessary repair work.

  • Investment:

    Five-year Coverage

    Total Cost: $1500.00
    Average Cost Per Day: $1.21

    Ten-year Coverage

    Total Cost: $1250.00
    Average Cost Per Day: $2.92

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