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5 Home Tips Every Pet Lover Should Know


5 Home Tips Every Pet Lover Should Know

Home Tips Every Pet Lover Should Know

Do you have pets at home? If you’re the lucky owner of a special furry friend, then consider these following tips to help you maintain a healthy and happy home for you and your family. These tips below will help keep your home free of airborne pollutants, which will in turn improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Read on to find out these smart home tips for pet owners.

Upgrade Your Air Filter

HEPA filters, and other types of HVAC air filters made especially for pet friendly homes, are an excellent way for pet owners to improve their indoor air quality. Changing your filter regularly will not only prevent pet debris, such as hair and dander from blocking up your filter and re-circulating around your home, it will also ensure that your HVAC system’s lifespan is prolonged.

Keep Your Pets Clean

Regularly grooming—both bathing, brushing, and nail trimming—will help keep your pet happy and your house much cleaner. Brushing not only reduces the amount of pet hair that ends up around the house and stuck to furniture, but it is also a good way to prevent dander from accumulating in the home. Dander is tiny particles of flaked off dead skin and is the leading cause of pet allergies. Regularly grooming your pet will also ensure that you won’t have to clean your upholstery and rugs as often, which will make them last longer.

Vacuum Your House Regularly

Vacuuming is an effective way to rid your home of both pet hair and dander. During the months that pets shed heavily, it may be necessary to vacuum your house daily, paying special attention to rugs and furniture that pets occupy. Don’t forget to vacuum the air vents and registers, as these are prime spots where pet debris likes to accumulate.

Opt for Stain Resistant Fabrics

Stain resistant fabrics are a smart way to keep your home clean when you live with pets. There is a fabric called Crypton that is especially handy for pet lovers, as it resists stains and smells and is virtually indestructible. This fabric is used a lot in hotels, so chances are high that you have already encountered this material before. Consider using it in your home to decrease pet odors and stains.

Go for High Quality Pet Food

You are what you eat, and this applies to pets as well. Choose the highest quality food that you can afford for your pets. This will go a long way in the health of your pet, which includes the health of the pet’s skin and coat. A healthy pet will produce less dander and will ensure that your home stays cleaner. Also, don’t forget the fresh water! Change your pet’s water at least twice daily to ensure they are getting fresh and clean water, which will keep them healthy and hydrated.

HVAC Services Handy Checklist

Another great way to keep your pet-friendly home healthy is to schedule a regular maintenance visit from your local HVAC professionals. Are you in need of a service technician to inspect your HVAC system? Give us a call today to schedule a service call: 602-400-0000.

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